Just an update around here!

The summer heat is starting to creep in, we had a few days of wind but for some reason it just couldn’t push the humidity out of the air. It was sticky.

Our Piper KD x Halimey Go *Ps* colt has found his barn name, Simon! He is sweet as can be, loves to play and has a very inquisitive attitude, we love watching his mind at work.

This weekend is Waradaca where our girl, Electra, will be competing with Mike Pendleton. I’ll be sure to update you on Monday to let you know how she did!

A lot of our youngsters have been getting more and more hands on time exploring, being introduced to more and more levels of training. They are witty and do a pretty impressive job of picking up what we’re putting down, quickly!

Hope everyone had a great Veterans day weekend and we will see you on the next post!