Indian Creek Farm is a part of the beautiful, historic Texas Hill Country.

Deaf Smith was deeded 633 acres by the Republic of Texas for his service during the Battle of the Alamo. Deaf was a courier, whom was on his way to deliver a letter to Sam Houston when the Alamo fell.

The land that Deaf was deeded is a portion of the land our farm is currently sitting on! How cool is that?

Established in the mid 1800s by the Scheel family, the property began as a German settlement. The farm was given the name Indian Creek because of the small creek that flows through the land; a water source for indigenous tribes in the 1800s. Today some of the original walls from this settlement and cemetery are still intact reflecting it’s history.

Indian Creek Farm is an exquisite equestrian facility that preserves its historic roots. The property maintains the integrity of that first Scheel settlement.