Monthly Archives: October 2018


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Man! It has been a minute. South Texas is slowly but surely drowning under all of this seemingly never ending rain. Things at home base are on the slower side as far as training since the entire place is under water, hacks and trail rides are all we have for now, sunny days are on the horizon…hopefully.

We haven’t updated since the announcement of the WEG nomination. Thomas and Boyd finished! They had their personal best dressage test, including the nicest flying changes we have seen thus far ;). Cross Country was very tough, Thomas had a little slip up but the pair finished slightly over time. Three rails down in stadium jumping, but we went to WEG knowing that this was Thomas’ second 4*, and if he completed the course, we were happy. Of course you always want to win in this sport, but seeing the heart in this horse every time he is asked a tough question, is truly astounding. I’m sure we can speak for Boyd, and our horse, that being asked to represent the USA, is something we will never take for granted.

Photo by Tommie Turner

Photo by Tommie Turner