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Rio Olympics 2016

Proud to announce that Boyd and Blackfoot ran clear and in great time with only 3.2 time penalties on cross country.

We will be updating as information rolls in!

Update: Phillip Dutton and Boyd Martin hold 5th and 6th place, individually! (and respectively) Unfortunately, Clark and Lauren were eliminated, but we are confident Phillip and Boyd can hold it down for USA.

Final: Phillip Dutton took Bronze with a total 51.80!! What a beautiful stadium jump round and that cross country run just about gave us a heart attack. Dutton has a superhero hidden in those shoes.

Boyd and Blackfoot Mystery took 16th with a 71.90. Finishing in top 20!

Only 40% of the riders made it through that cross country course! It was definitely a tough one.

This has been a long road for this team, and we are thrilled to have a sound horse and healthy rider. Many thanks to Windurra USA, LLC for giving us the opportunity to work with such talent!!!!