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Horses With Heart

Please take a moment to watch Boyd Martin & Tsetserleg TSF better known as “Thomas.” His & Boyd’s incredible journey from just a normal unrecognizable warmblood to the National Champion 5* eventing horse & rider.

As a horse, Thomas shows you size, breed, & previous training is not as important as the bond between rider & horse. Of course, we also suggest the proper feed & suppplements & are thankful for the help that SmartPak has provided, not only with Thomas, but also our entire farm ~ from broodmares & stallions to their offspring who we eventually send to Boyd & his staff at Windurra.

Just like you ~ we want to make champions, and we can attest to it being possible.

2016 Rio Olympics

Indian Creek Farm, LLC is happy and proud to be apart of these riders and horses!

8/5 Opening Ceremonies
8/6 & 8/7 Dressage
8/8 Cross Country
8/9 Show Jumping

Be sure to check back often as we will be keeping you current on all the scores here at

Holekamp-Turner Lion d’Angers Prize and Grant

YEH%20USEA%20logo%20rgb_0This year will be the first time the Holekamp-Turner Grant will be used. The most qualified horse from the YEH in 2013 will be able to go to France to compete for the US as a 7 year old at Le Lion d’Angers Championships for Young Horses.

Horses bred in the US receive $17,500 towards their travel. Horses that have been imported receive $8000

It Looks like D.A Duras with rider Kelly Prather is at this point first in line. Upgrades

apple-touch-icon-iphone4Today, Indian Creek Farm is happy to announce that our new website is now up and running!

While our ICF website has always been user-friendly and easy to get around, we knew there were some needed improvements. We left the simple navigation alone (why mess with a good thing) but have now added a super easy breadcrumb navigation to assist you while you roam the many pages at ICF. Continue reading