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Horses With Heart

Please take a moment to watch Boyd Martin & Tsetserleg TSF better known as “Thomas.” His & Boyd’s incredible journey from just a normal unrecognizable warmblood to the National Champion 5* eventing horse & rider.

As a horse, Thomas shows you size, breed, & previous training is not as important as the bond between rider & horse. Of course, we also suggest the proper feed & suppplements & are thankful for the help that SmartPak has provided, not only with Thomas, but also our entire farm ~ from broodmares & stallions to their offspring who we eventually send to Boyd & his staff at Windurra.

Just like you ~ we want to make champions, and we can attest to it being possible.

Holekamp-Turner Lion d’Angers Prize and Grant

YEH%20USEA%20logo%20rgb_0This year will be the first time the Holekamp-Turner Grant will be used. The most qualified horse from the YEH in 2013 will be able to go to France to compete for the US as a 7 year old at Le Lion d’Angers Championships for Young Horses.

Horses bred in the US receive $17,500 towards their travel. Horses that have been imported receive $8000

It Looks like D.A Duras with rider Kelly Prather is at this point first in line. Upgrades

apple-touch-icon-iphone4Today, Indian Creek Farm is happy to announce that our new website is now up and running!

While our ICF website has always been user-friendly and easy to get around, we knew there were some needed improvements. We left the simple navigation alone (why mess with a good thing) but have now added a super easy breadcrumb navigation to assist you while you roam the many pages at ICF. Continue reading